Friday, October 16, 2015

Do You Really Need Antivirus On Smartphone ?

Do You Really Need Antivirus On Smartphone ?

In this age, you definitely need antivirus of some kind on your computer. Even if it’s a Mac or Windows it’s probably the good idea to have Antivirus. But do you need Antivirus on Smartphone? That’s the question I adjust today. So, Let’s start.

Do You Need Antivirus On Smartphone

The thing you need to understand about viruses is the reason that some platforms have more than others is simply because it’s easier for virus makers to get a return on their investment. If they make it for platforms that more people use or it’s easier to get into and get people to download those viruses.
So the reason the Mac have fewer viruses at least is because there are fewer people using Mac. So it’s much more worth their time to make the buyers for Windows. So that’s why you see so many viruses on Windows not as many anymore but still some today on Mac. And on Linux there too so few people that use it that most Virus creators just don’t even bother making it all. Now when it comes to phones it’s a little bit different.

Because pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days. There are millions and millions of. However, the way that you download programs on a smartphone is different than you do on a computer.

When you download a program on a computer you can get it from anywhere. There’s very few checks or anything like that when you install program so it’s really easy for a virus creator to get their virus out there. Could just be sent in the email on phones like Android iPhone it’s different. Because you have to download software through an app marketplace. On iOS, you have to download from iTunes and on Android usually you get it from the Google Play Store. But that’s not always the case and you can also use Amazon app marketplace.

Those are the two big ones on Android. But either way those are gonna be restricted in that every app is supposedly vetted. And if it’s found that it doesn’t do it supposed to do or it’s it’s risky than it can be taken down off the marketplace. So no one can download. You can to send email typically to an Android or iPhone device and make it so you can’t install that app that’s just not how it works.
So there is a lot less risk of getting a virus or malware on your phone very low-risk actually. But it’s still there. So is it worth it to get Antivirus. The United States one study showed recently that less than 1% of phones in the US have some sort of malware or viruses on.
I think the number was .68% very low. In other parts of the world, it’s very much higher. so I would say based on your region than you might want to consider getting Antivirus. If you’re in Eastern Europe, Asia area then probably is worth it to get Antivirus. I don’t know why the figures are higher in those areas.
Maybe the marketplaces are different they’re harder to control over there. You also see that most mobile Antiviruses has extra features built-in. Because the creators of the antivirus know that well it does not that that has Antivirus. So they throw in extra features like you might see password backups or phone theft prevention or call log blocking stuff like that. Just to add to the make it worth it to download it because the Antivirus aspect isn’t as valuable as on a PC or Mac.
Also, another statistic that you might find interesting is a study from 2013 showed that 97% of viruses and malware we’re on Android phones.
So if you’re on an iPhone you’re probably good no matter what. I wouldn’t even bother downloading any Antivirus have your own iPhone. Because from what I understand iTunes and that marketplace is a lot more strict in what they allow into the marketplace. Google Play is a lot more lenient so a lot of times what they might do is not catch malware until later and by then the damage might already be done.
But supposedly Apple is a lot more strict and they might just you know rejected an app just cuz it’s not useful enough. So they definitely look more into it. That’s not to say that the Google Play Store as bad. Obviously they that apps to they scan everything that goes into it to make sure that there is no known virus is running on it. So you’re reasonably safe there too and also if you’re using Amazon Marketplace they do all the same stuff and it’s just having all the apps registered is a huge safety feature. Because it kind of pre-filters any of the obvious viruses. Now this was assuming that the virus is going to be from the app marketplace.
But if that’s not the case and they’re very few other ways to get a virus on your phone like if a virus you know somehow makes it so you are able to install 3rd party apps from not the Google Play Store that’s one way that you’d be at risk. So I would only download from known marketplaces like Google Play or Amazon Marketplace. Or on iOS you don’t have a choice. If you just stick to those marketplace’s you’re really at such a low risk it’s probably not even worth the Antivirus. But it wouldn’t hurt it certainly wouldn’t hurt so if you’re very security-conscious you know you can download an antivirus on your phone.

So Do You Really Need Antivirus On Smartphone?

My final argument is pretty much that, is it necessary? NO, you don’t need an antivirus on the phone. If you guys disagree, feel free to let me know in the comments and explain why and I’m sure we can have a great discussion down there. Thanks.