Monday, January 11, 2016

Blogger and Me | Best Guide Line For Those Who Want To Start Life As Blogger

Blogger and Me | Best Guide Line For Me Those Who Want To Start Life As Blogger

Hi bloggers, it's my first post but not first blog, I have created many blog on blogger, in start I create simple design after with passage of time I understand different kind of technique to improve the design, the design that look professional and attractive.  
One day I think why not I share my ideas to the rest of the world, because I also learn through different blogs, so I decide to create a blog specially on blogger in which we share our experience about blogger.

Then we just switch our mouse cursor to the new blog tab in my blogger dashboard and click on them, finally we ready to create a new blog to show off my experience.

But when we try to named the blog, I think about the name that must be related to my blog, it is very important step to proper named the blog, because it represent your blog and one can easily understand with blog name that what kind of this blog. So we have many ideas to select the name of blog that represent my overall blog architecture, but when I entered the name it says sorry the name is not available. we try again and again and finally we get the name of my blog and that is the catch-blogger.

According to my mind I decide to select this name, means I thrown the ideas and you catch it, so named it catch-blogger, you remember it easily and  also represent my ideas.

So friends, I start my writing first post, you think why I start to writing the post first? because I will write some posts and then with time I will design the blog. The main benefit of this approach is that one who is newbie to blogger, can easily understand the blogger and also start their blogging from beginner to advance level. Next I think what kind of post I share with you, and Click the new post tab and enter the title Blogger and me, the post that you currently read here. I think I write about relation between me and blogger and I write short introduction of me and my new way of exploring myself.

One thing I expecting from you is feedback, ask me any question that is in your mind, I will appreciate your response.