Friday, January 22, 2016

How To increase your earning in Google Adsense 2016


Most of us have adsense account but unfortunatly our earning is becoming very low day by day. It is very unawanted for us ! So today i am going to discribe 5 Top Tips to increase your earning in adsense !

Tip 1: Block Low Paying Advertiser : 
            Low paying Advertiser show low paying ad which is one of the biggest reasone  for low earning in adsense. Because if you get enough click from your site but still you income / earnings will reamin low . So at first remove / block all low paying Advertiser . When you block lo paying advertiser then your website / blog will show high paying ads and your income will increase rapidly.

Tip 2: Select high CPC keyword :

            High paying CPC can also increase your earnings . You will be wander to here that you can get 150$ per click with some high CPC keyword . So during seo periode take care of your used keyword in post.

Tip 3: Keep Site In High Rank :

            Site ranking is another important things tor improve your earning in adsense . If your site tanked bellow 100000  then your website / blog will show high CPC ad .  So try to keep your site in high rank .

Tip 4: Set ad In Right Place :

            If your ad placement is not good then you can't get enough click which discrease your income / earnings in adsense . So place ad in right place . My advice is to set ad on starting and eanding of a post . It will increase your number of click .

Tip 5: Country targeting and SEO : 
            Every country doesn't have top paying advertiser so target a good and well developed country . My advice is to build a country targeting USA or Canada . The best part to inrease your earning is SEO . Without SEO nothing is possiable . So try to do better seo for your blog / website. At a talk No SEO = N0 VIsitor = No Earnigs .

That's all for now . At last i want to tell that do better seo for your blog / website . It is the key to succees in adsense earning.

Thanks for reading . If you have any question then please comment. Advance thanks for your share.