Sunday, January 31, 2016

Is a blogger can really earn without Adsense ?

Now a days we not just bolg for only our hobby. We also started blogging for earn money online . And as a blogger we know the best way to earn online is blogging and having Adsense . But it is really very hard to get Adsense . Because it's rules is very strect.

But Adsense is the top of all ads provider by Google . Using Adsense you don't need to think about placing ads or about payment . But it is too hard to keep the Adsense .

To get Google Adsense you need 100% Pure Quality content. Now come to the point . Most of the blogger failed to get Adsense . And then they give up blogging . Because of thinking that Adsense is the one and only way of earning from blogging.

But I am going to tell you that Adsense is not just the main way of earning from online blogging . You can also earn without having Adsense .

There are many Adsense alternative. Such as

  • Media Ads by Yahoo
  • Revenue hits
  • Chitika
  • Rits ads
  • Info links
  • Pop cash 
  • Pop my ads 
And many more . You can also earn from using this type of Ads . It will not so good as Adsense but you can earn a good money if you have a good high traffic to your site

I would like to tell you that , Adsense is now just the way to earn from online . You can also earn from online without having Adsense .