Sunday, January 31, 2016

Want to become a hacker ? Know from where you should start ! Specially For The Beginners


At first I am going to tell you what is Hacking . 

Hacking means accessing someone data of file without there permition  . But there are many deference between hacking. The difference mainly between the use of the hacked data . Some hacker used to hack for there own living . Some hack for helping the people . And some people hack for Improving the security of the hacked person or server. According this there are three types of hacker . They are

  • Black Hat Hacker
  • Great Hat Hacker
  • White Hat Hacker

Generally Black Hat Hacker are those hacker who hack for there own benefit and it is generally harmful for people . The Great Hat Hacker are those who hacke for there own benefits and also for helping people . Finally the White Hat Hacker are those who only hack for the welfare of people. 

Now come to the point , if you want to be a hacker you should know some necessary things . Here are those things I describe bellow -

Firstly the best operating system for hacking is Linux . But for beginners I recommend Windows . Because Linux is a complex system and hard to operate . That's why u should start from Windows. 

Secondly you should know enough knowledge about the technology and cyber security system.

Thirdly you should know the basic and enough knowledge of Programming. I recommend in beginning you should start from HTML , CSS , C and JAVA . After that you start learning PHP , Python and all other high level language . 

And Finally a thing you must need that is thinking like a hacker . A general people think easily but a 
hacker think by own her view . 

So always think positive and start learning hacking from today . Have a nice day .