Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Banglalink Postpaid Internet Pakages Activation Code and Pack Details

 Bill-cycle based packs
These internet packs are associated to your bill cycle. If you have purchased a bill-cycle based pack in the middle of the bill-cycle, you will receive proportional internet volume @ proportional price (at prorated basis) for the remaining days of the bill-cycle. For example, if you have purchased a 2GB@375TK/bill-cycle pack on 16th day of the month, you will get 1GB (proportional volume for remaining 15day) internet and will be charged half of the pack price (175TK+SD+VAT). However, this charge will neither impose right-away when you purchase, nor at the end of bill-cycle. Rather, you will be charged upon daily basis (for example 11.67TK+SD+VAT) from the day you purchase, till the end of that bill-cycle. To check remaining internet balance, please dial *5000*500# Please note that these packs are auto-renewed at every bill-cycle. Also note that, since the charging is conducted upon daily proportional basis, these packs can’t be unsubscribed / migrated until the next bill-cycle. However, the good part is, you do not have to make security deposit / nor make upfront payment to activate these packs.
115GB @ Tk. 1,500Purchase
28GB @ Tk. 900Purchase
34GB @ Tk. 500Purchase
42GB @ Tk. 350Purchase
51GB @ Tk. 210Purchase
61.5 GB @ Tk. 275Purchase
7600MB @ Tk. 150Purchase
8300MB @ Tk. 99Purchase
 One time pack (Add-ons)
Since bill-cycle based packs are bound by proportional charge upon daily basis, it often becomes a case that the bill-cycle pack volume is finished; however the bill-cycle end date is still quite far away. In order to top-up more internet volume at this point on, further volume is required. Only then you need to buy an add-on volume pack. Please note that Add-on volume packs are charged up-front. So, if the remaining usable amount (gap between your credit limit and due amount) is less than the pack price, you run the risk of getting barred after the pack purchase. So, we suggest that you clear some bill first before you attempt. For a safety measure, you can pay the full pack price upfront from i-top-up outlet and then attempt to purchase.
915GB for 30 days @ Tk. 1,500Purchase
108GB for 30 days @ Tk. 900Purchase
114GB for 30 days @ Tk. 500Purchase
122GB for 30 days @ Tk. 350Purchase
131.5GB for 30 days @ Tk. 275Purchase
141GB for 30 days @ Tk. 210Purchase
15600MB for 30 days @ Tk. 150Purchase
16300MB for 30 days @ Tk. 99Purchase
17160MB for 7 days @ Tk. 30Purchase