Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Various Internet Settings and Packages for Robi users

Dear readers,
Today I am going to tell you about various mobile internet settings and packagesof the Robi (previous Aktel) mobile operator in Bangladesh. If you want to use any Robi internet packages with your supported handset than you have an option to choose the best one for your handset from various packages of Robi Internet. Below I am discussing about the topic, you can visit ROBI portal for more details.

Automatic settings through SMS:
For automatic internet setting options, you need to send an SMS from your handset to the number 8738. You need to just follow one of the step from the following two steps:
  1. Write the desired settings you want (e.g Internet / WAP / MMS)
  2. Handset manufacturer name (e.g Samsung/Nokia)
  3. Model name or no
  4. Send the SMS to 8738
  1. Write the desired settings you want (e.g Internet / WAP / MMS)
  2. 1st 8digit of handset IMEI (dial *#06# to get IMEI no)
  3. Send SMS to 8738
(from robi : The 2nd step provide most accurate result)

Follow the examples:
  • For Internet / GPRS settings: Internet<>Nokia<>E72 or Internet<> 1st 8 digit of IMEI no of your handset then send to 8738
  • For WAP Browser settings: WAP<>Nokia<>E72 or WAP<>1st 8 digit of IMEI no of your handset then send to 8738
  • For MMS settings: MMS<>Nokia<>E72 or Internet<> 1st 8 digit of IMEI no then send to 8738
  • All settings in one message: All/all/setup<>Nokia<>E72 or All/all/setup<>1st 8 digit of IMEI no then send to 8738

Internet Settings from Dialing:
Internet settings through Easy menu Dial *140*7# from your robi number and follow the instructions, you will be able to get the settings. It’s easy, take a look and try it yourself.

For manual settings (non-branded handsets):
For Internet settings:
Profile Name : Robi-INTERNET
Proxy - IP & port: Not required

For WAP settings:
Profile Name : Robi-WAP
"APN" : wap
"Proxy / IP Address":
"Port" : 9028
WAP Port: 9201
HTTP Port: 9028

For MMS settings:
Profile Name : Robi-MMS
"Proxy/IP" :
"Port" : 9028
"URL" :

Manual Internet settings through SMS:
  • For Internet settings: Write Internet then send to 1226
  • For WAP settings: Write WAP then send to 1226
  • For MMS settings: Write MMS then send to 1226

To get Auto settings through SMS (Handset capable):
  • For Internet settings: Write Internet then send to 1227
  • For WAP settings: Write WAP then send to 1227
  • For MMS settings: Write MMS then send to 1227
  • For All (WAP ,MMS, Internet) settings: Write ALL then send to 1227
For any further help, you can call Robi Helpline 123 or visit your nearest Robi Care Center in any city around Bangladesh. SMS charge applicable for downloading settings and with govt. VAT applicable.

Various Packages from Robi Internet Users:
Pay per use:
If you only use the Internet to check your emails and some quick browsing or chatting, this is the plan which will fit your requirement. You only have to pay for the Kilobytes you consume. Robi subscribers who use smart phones (e.g. Apple iPhones, Android handsets like Samsung Galaxy, HTC or Windows phones) to avoid using the bundle package considering the fact that these smart devices initiates internet sessions in the background to synchronize & update different applications. There is no monthly fee, no usage limit.

Charges for Pay Per Use:
On Peak hour: (9:01 AM to 12:59 AM), 2 Paisa/KB (0.02 BD Taka)
On Off Peak hour: (1:00 AM to 9:00 AM), 1 Paisa/KB (0.01 BD Taka)

Other packages:
There are lots of Bundle Packs for Robi internet users, these are Daily pack, 2 days pack, Weekly pack, Fortnightly pack and Monthly packs with a combination of different MB usage limit and promotions. Just click on the link of the official portal of robi to see more details about various packages and other promotions and offers from Robi.

Internet Migration:
If you want to change you current package than the subscriber in bundle mode cannot go on to pay per mode without migration and subscriber on pay per use mode cannot purchase bundle unless they migrate to bundle package and dial the respective package code.
Please note the below information:
  • Migration from pay per use to bundle mode: Dial *8999*00# from you Robi number and follow instructions. 
  • Migration from bundle packet to pay per use mode: Dial *8999*99# from you Robi number and follow instructions.
  • Migration charge: Free of cost