Sunday, April 17, 2016

How To Activate Doze Mode In Any Android Mobile Phone

How To Activate Doze Mode In Any Android Mobile Phone

Doze mode is completely new feature for Android Marshmallow. Doze mode can save your battery life. But today I am gonna show you how to activate Doze mode in any android. Basically  when your phone or tablet is idle for 30 minutes, your phone will automatically optimize the battery life by closing the background apps turning off sync for sometime on this feature. This feature is currently available only in Android marshmallow. Now Lets get this feature for any Android.

Requires Android To Active Doze Mode

  • Jellybean (4.1-4.3)
  • Kitkat (4.4x)
  • Lollipop (5.0x)
  • And on Marshmallow Too

Activate Doze Mode In Any Android (Step By Step)

There is an app in the Google Play Store named “Doze – For Better Battery Life”. The app is developed by Yirgalabs and that mimics the same functionality but in a different  manner. So go to the Play Store and download this app called doze.

After downloaded this app open it up and click on get into doze. Now it will setup a VPN connection for you so click on OK and that’s it. When you turn off your screen, your device will go into the doze mode. So, what is doze mode? When the screen is off doze prevents apps from connecting to network for power saving.  So for example, your phone screen is off but the Email application on the phone running continuously in the background. Which is leaching your data and battery life. So, this app will prevents that.

You can also add apps to the white list. So when the screen will off your white listed apps can run normally.

For example you just want to Whatsapp messages not Emails not twitter notifications. Now you can add Whatsapp to the white list. when you turn this phone screen on you will get the message ” Hey you’re back! your phone has been in doze for a while. You also can disable this message by going into that app settings and check on disable notification.

You can also turn on aggressive mode, wifi preferred and  charging preferred. So when you connected to wifi this app will not work if you take the wifi preferred. If you are connected to a charger if you take the charging preferred this app will not work. If you turn on the aggressive mode data will be fetched only  when you open the app. Like when you turn on your screen the data will not be fetched, when you open the Whatsapp app then the data will be fetched.


Doze battery saver app is not same as Android Marshmallow doze mode but it works like same. Its a pretty simple to use and completely free app. So with this app you can activate doze mode in any Android.