Thursday, October 27, 2016

Now unlimited Internet with BTCL broadband internet . Know the entire process.


Now unlimited Internet with BTCL broadband internet . Know the entire process.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope everyone is good.

We all want to unlimited Internet, and this is why we sometimes have different local ISP (ISP = Internet Service Provider) to be dbarasha. They have a lot of time due to lack of coverage or other constraints do not get the line back to the line, but I just do not like the service; The problem is the problem of damage to the server, he is off, he is stealing, etc.

I have also a problem in this matter . Now i discover  BTCL broadband service is a nice alternative.
It's basically BTCL ADSL Internet service. Here is your home telephone wires (copper wires) are connected through the Internet. Think of the copper wire to the Internet, speed is not go there, go on the internet doubt !! Yes, I thought so, but I thought this has been proved wrong when I connect to the Internet at home BTCL apply. I basically Bcube-Infinity 1000 package apply meaning to their 1mbps package. Now it is true that you will never make browsing less than full speed to get 1mbps. However, to be able to speed  computer or any other device with Internet browsing, upload, download and easy to understand you can ask for, to video streaming on YouTube is no buffering, and are you the speed you can easily.

Different packages:
Bcube Infinity (256kbps) = 300 taka
Bcube Infinity (512kbps) = 500 taka
Bcube Infinity (1 Mbps) = 700 taka
Bcube Infinity (1.5 Mbps) = 1000 taka

I am here to get two medium speed 3 to take two packages balabaara No. 4 in the package is a good idea for gaming If you took. Each package will be on the 15% VAT.

In connection to this service in your area to see if there is first, take a look here
Secondly, you will see that your home telephone connection is to the east; If you do not have to be new.
To connect to the Internet from the office of the BTCL like form can be collected BTCL official website .
Nicely fill out the form and then submit it to your nearest btcl exchange offices without pre-paid telephone line to submit a copy of the Bill . they give you 3 days within a demand note, and you take the demand note 460 assigned to the bank to deposit money to the Bank demand note will then have two copies of the submission to the Exchange a copy to the office and another copy should be kept to yourself.

Now you'll have to wait 3 days to get the ID, the ID number given to your number by sms which you used on the form .

Btcl now go to the office to tell them about the phone, and then came within days of your Internet setup will: 1. Habeapani If you want to keep before you purchase a writer or a modem router or modem from BTCL Demand for the notes to be able to buy a router you will have to pay for.

Line drop-out problem is that much of what is now reduced to nothing gecheeti twice a month, maybe a 24-hour connection to what the problem might be.

I hope everyone likes the tune, leave your valuable comment bellow to know more details .