Monday, October 24, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been used as a weapon in GTA 5 game !


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been used as a weapon in GTA 5 game !

You are going through the street and see that some terrorist are coming towored you . In this moment you bring out your note 7 from pocket and trough on the terrorist . It Boom . Is this not nice ? Just like something happens in the latest GTA 5 game .

Strutted the streets during the rush to where the car came to criminals. If you are planning to stop eating nakanicubani. -7 Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone from his pocket when he threw out the crime. Drug addiction was! The explosion was a gang hit fly. Let's just say the incident.

There are a variety of firearms by choosing to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game 5. The weapons are all improved. Funny thing is, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been added to the list of dangerous weapons -7! Hitman Niko pseudonym of gamer around and some changes in the sticky bomb in the form of the Galaxy Note -7 has joined together. Hear the matter as a joke, just play it. When you play the video recorded the gamer. It can be seen, one of the players on firearms into the shop to buy a smartphone came out -7.

 After the destruction began. Car or house, however, is throwing his notes -7. Where else can! Blast all going to fly one after another. Remember again, no note was left -7. When it drove over to the explosion.

If you still can not catch up with the story I would say, on a record number of casualties in the explosion -7 smartphone has been found in different parts of the world. The Samsung brand name may have been slightly damaged. The new game is very likely that the phone company for more relief than catching fire. The game was made just for fun. Just for the sake of mischief. Gamers it's acknowledged.

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