Monday, November 13, 2017

The 7 Must Do Things When on Holiday In Sydney


There is plenty of things to do when on holiday in Sydney. Situated on the eastern seaboard, state capital of New South Wales, Sydney is a vast metropolis that sprawls for miles inland. Sydney has grown to be one of the most important cities in Australia with much to see and do. Booking flights and accommodation to Sydney is made easier online through Expedia, Sydney Flights Accommodation and Bookings dot com. 

Here we explore 7 of the must do things when on holiday in Sydney.

1. Swim and Surf
If you’ve come all the way to Sydney and don’t dip your toe in the pacific then you have definitely had a wasted opportunity. Sydney has many fine beaches including Bondi, Manly, Coogee and Wattamolla which have been popular with tourists for decades and the swimming and surfing is heaps of fun for the whole family.

2. Take in the History.
Sydney has some major history and you would be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out. There are many museums and art galleries that showcase Sydney and Australia’s finest achievements over the years, there’s also the ANZAC War Memorial which is a tribute to the Australians who lost their lives in the first and second World Wars.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge is the second thing that many international tourists think of when they think of Sydney, the first being the Opera House. Taking a walk across this magnificent piece of engineering is critical to seeing Sydney, you can also climb up the bridge pylon to the bridge lookout, there is a fee but the view is fantastic.

4. Eat in Sydney
People who visit Sydney will not go hungry, if you’re wondering exactly what cuisine Australia is famous for then the many eating establishments that Sydney has to offer will satisfy your appetite nicely. The quality of take away food in Sydney is unbeatable and you can find all types of cuisines are available and some you may never have heard of before but you definitely need to try. Sydney is as delicious as it is beautiful and you may have gained a few pounds after your visit.

5. Drink in Sydney
After having a good meal, you will want something to wash it down. Australia is famous for its beer and wine and you can sample some of the country’s best alcoholic exports right here in Sydney. The drinking age in Australia is 18 but you don’t want to be drinking too much as there’s much more to Sydney than just its excellent nightlife.

6. Shopping in Sydney
If you’re a shopaholic then Sydney will feed your habit very well. There are many of the major international brands in Sydney and if you’re on the lookout for all the obvious stuff such as stuffed Koala bears and Kangaroos then you won’t be disappointed as that can be found in many of the stores.

7. Festivals in Sydney

There are many major festivals and Mardi Gras celebrations in Sydney that happen all year round. Major ones such as the Sydney Festival and the Sydney Fringe Festival occur in January, feature an array of talent from the worlds of music, theatre and other performing arts and are not to be missed if you are in Sydney in January.